Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Now iPhone too!

Originally we created Freddy Fox Lost His Conkers as an iPad app, but loads of friends pointed out they only have iPhones (with huge screens ;-) and wanted to play the game too. So, apologies for the borders, but an update to the app means you can now play on iPhone as well - hooray!
We'll make sure Freddy Fox Goes to town adapts better to different screen dimensions ;-)

Reset the conkers

Someone asked me today - "can you reset the conkers, so you can find them again?" - Yes you can! On the start screen use the circle arrow symbol to reset the conker count…

Monday, January 21, 2019

Freddy Fox Lost His Conkers - now on Google Play!

Hooray - we're on Google Play now too!

Hope all our friends with Android devices will enjoy our Freddy Fox Adventures.

Have to say that was a lot more straightforward than the iOS App Store. 

For a start, didn't have to supply endless versions of the app icon (which I'm sure Apple could perfectly well do themselves with some small bit of scripting at their end).

Plus - for an app demo (video) - just have to provide link to YouTube video (well, it is Google after all!). Even now, I still haven't got a demo video on iOS app store listing because I have to supply in specific sizes and formats for each device type and I'm still trying to work out quickest way to do this.

Thanks to anyone who's downloaded our app - now onto Freddy Fox Goes To Town ;-)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Freddy Fox Lost His Conkers Gameplay Demo2

Apologies - made the first demo really quickly and forgot to include the touch cursor/icon overlay showing what I was doing - hopefully was clear enough - but just in case here's another.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

App demo video

Uploaded a demo of the some of the app elements (as I forgot to add a preview in the app store media, and don't want to do a new version so soon ;-)
Gives a taste of my daughters charming narration, touchable page elements and, the main point of the story - collecting Freddy's lost conkers!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Freddy Fox now on the iOS App Store - Hooray!

Hooray - we're on the iOS app store today!

I was worried going through the submission process (everything I'd read said it was a lot of bother), but as they say - "First time's the worst", so hopefully with this one under my belt, it will be easier next time ;-)

Hope everyone enjoys the app and leaves us nice reviews.

I'll try and make sure this blog gets regular updates about progress on the 2nd app. In the mean time I'd better start reading through the submission guidelines for Google Play…

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Freddy Fox Adventures Blog Start

The Freddy Fox Adventures are a series of books and apps developed by myself with help from my little girl.
Based around our main character Freddy Fox, but always involving help a cast of his friends, family and helpful Wiggly Wood residents.
Originally planned as a series of books, I got distracted with the idea of turning them into apps for my daughter to play with. So the first book and app ( mostly the app ) have taken a while to complete.
We're hoping 2019 will see us catch up a bit…